It was a cold and windy afternoon at the Polar Bear Pond on Feb. 21 as the brothers of the Delta Sigma Phi fraternity held the fourth annual Polar Plunge. Each year the event is held to raise money for the American Red Cross; an example of a noble cause being supported by acts that many would consider cruel and unusual punishment.

Despite the wind, the cold and risk of shivering to the point their teeth shake out of their heads, the brothers of Delta Sigma Phi, along with many other brave souls, came out in droves to donate to the Red Cross and to show off their ability to withstand the frigid waters of Polar Bear Pond in late winter.

One after another, students dove into the frigid water for a donation of $10.00 per jump, receiving a t-shirt commemorating the event as well as a towel if necessary. Many times, two to three people dove in at a time. Attendees also had the option of sponsoring a brother of the fraternity to jump in
the pond for a donation of $5.00 per jump.

Fortunately the event went on without any injuries, perhaps to the dismay of the EMT’s, who had to spent the majority of the time watching the participants get drenched in ice water while swearing like sailors. With dozens of people coming out and donating to the great cause, this year’s
polar plunge was a major success, allowing people to show off their endurance while helping out others.

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