After the trip being postponed 2 times prior to November due to the pandemic, for winter break 2020 a family of 4 was finally able to take an escape from reality and “covid” for a week in Jamaica. Ocho Rios, Jamaica is home to many beautiful views and beaches.Jamaica has nice warm weather all year. The family came from 20 degree weather in Cincinnati,Ohio to 85 degree weather in Ocho Rios. That is a big jump in temperature within a day, could you imagine what kind of outfit you would wear to the airport that would be weather appropriate for both locations? That was a hard decision to make. 

Over the course of the week, the family had attended multiple events and activities hosted by the resort they stayed at. Some of those activities included swimming with the dolphins, hiking Dunn’s famous Waterfall, horseback riding, snorkeling and kayaking. Some citizens of Jamaica had also contributed to the fun filled week by showing the family around outside the resort and educating them about their culture. During the vacation, there were also a variety of things learned such as their language; Patois, a dialect of English and creole. Some of the sayings they learned were “Wah Gwan” (Wassup), “Y Pre”(What’s Happening) , and “Yea Mon” which can also have different meanings. The resort also hosted an amazing dancehall show, karaoke night and game night. Everyone including the animals of the beautiful country gave warm welcoming. Jamaica is definitely a place to go for vacation to take a break from the snowy, dull and cold.

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