Students at Ohio Northern had an extended weekend referred to ‘fall break’. An abundance of individuals go home and spend time with their family during this break. The month of October started a week before this break, kicking off the festive activities all around. You can drive down the road and see pumpkin patches with their sea of orange over taking the green patch they lay upon just waiting to be sliced and dice and given light. You will see signs advertising places that might just make you jump out of your skin. That is what fall is about right?

Over the break, I was drawn in by the season to take part in these activities. Arriving at 11 p.m, we waited 3 hours in line to go through what is considered ‘one of the scariest haunted houses in Ohio’; The Haunted Hoochie. Just as the website states, it takes you by the throat and drags you down the rabbit hole and into the realm of a heart pounding in your face horror show. We left shaken to the core and on our toes.

Pumpkin patches appear all across the country, the one in my hometown, Dupler Pumpkin Farms, showed a variety that interested me. There were rows of pumpkins-orange, white, yellow- perfect for carving. After getting some refreshing kettle corn and traveling through the story trail, I searched for the perfect pumpkin to gut. Finally a glorious round pumpkin, the perfect shade of orange popped out to me. Plopping it down in the wagon it must have felt it was on the way to the slaughter house.

After dragging the pumpkin home it was only proper to put a smile on its face and give it a reason to light up. Over this short break not all students may have had the opportunity to take part in activities such as this or even want to, but we know with the season approaching it is only a matter of time before a jack-o-lantern occupies a place on many peoples porches all around .

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