The "big board" where all of the story ideas are posted and assigned for the new Northern Review. (Northern Review photo/Shane Tilton).

Thank you for reading our site, and welcome to the new Northern Review. My name is Shane Tilton, and I am the advisor for the Review. Being part of the site you are currently reading has been my honor. This newspaper will discuss the issues, events & stories you care about.

This site represents more than three months of work and dedication. We have converted the archive of the print version of the Review into this digital version so you can look at the story from the past. Older editions of the Review are being added regularly.

The staff of the Northern Review has spent numerous hours telling the stories on campus, covering local events, & representing the voice of the student body. The articles, pictures & media help print the picture of campus life and the student body.

For the next few months, we will add more audio and video to the site to help present the sounds and visuals of Ada. Those not in Hardin County will see the school as it is, while those on campus can hear their voice and see what is happening at ONU. 

This version is just the start of the Northern Review, and we look forward to bringing you the news you care about. Thank you, and once again, welcome. 

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