I am adult. This is college, a place where you grow and learn.  

So, grow up and be an adult. Buy the parking pass. Park where you are required and nowhere else. Communicate with ONU Public Safety when there is a challenge, or when you need help.

College is where you learn about yourself and make friends. College also prepares you for life—a.k.a. the real world.

Attending classes, keeping promises, working hard and being responsible are just a few of the real-life lessons that you practice and apply here at Ohio Northern University before moving out into the real world.

Being responsible and purchasing a parking pass is another life lesson.

In life, just like at college, challenges arise. No job is 100% rosy
and stress-free. Communicate your challenges and work through them. Learn from them and move on. The situation of not purchasing passes and parking your vehicle anywhere that is convenient is a short-term solution.

In your career, you may have to add monetary value to a card and swipe that card each day you park or drive.

Your parking pass that hangs on your rearview mirror may come out of your monthly paycheck. You may have to log your miles of travel and turn in that information to your boss to get reimbursed for mileage.

Buying a parking pass and placing it on the left-rear-window of your vehicle to park at Ohio Northern University seems like a minor action to avoid a ticket of thirty or ninety-dollars for a park- ing violation.

Take a step in the right direction. Grow up, and buy the pass.

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