Hurricane Harvey made landfall on August 25, 2017, on the Texas Gulf Coast and has caused major damage to cities, towns and everything in its path. Thousands were left without power; the death toll is at 40 and is expected to rise. For the past couple of days, people across the nation were shown the images of the devastating flooding. Then the help came.

Many businesses in the Houston area offered shelter and others across the state have as well. Others have set up donations and have offered to send help for clean up. Ohio Northern is one of those offering a hand.

Chaplain David MacDonald was having a conversation with a student who from the Houston area who was concerned about his family and community. Chaplain David told the student he would look into ways they could offer practical help.

“As a United Methodist-related university, we are connected to the United Methodist Committee on Relief (UMCOR),” Chaplain David stated in an email. “… And I received an email from them suggesting that cleaning buckets and monetary donations were most needed right now.”

So, Chaplain David sent out an email to all students, asking for monetary donations and products for the cleaning buckets. Chaplain David also explained where the cleaning supplies would go. The supplies will be sent to a church in Springfield, Ohio and then taken to the Sager-Brown depot in Louisiana. The buckets will be used by work crews and families to clean up homes. The Chaplain explained:

“Basic cleaning supplies can be a lifesaver in these kinds of situations because people often can’t get back into their homes until long after the flood waters have receded. In that time, mold and mildew often build up, and make for a pretty toxic environment that must be cleaned up as quickly as possible.”

Chaplain David said the donation is going great and many people have donated already. Some departments and organizations are sending cleaning buckets packed and ready to go. Others are donating one product at a time. Chaplain David reported they have about $170 in cash donations and checks and that Resident Life will be going out to get more.

Chaplain David continued to send out emails, as the donation ended the fifth of September. After the donation has ended, the Chaplain has stated that he will announce different ways to help the people affected by Hurricane Harvey.

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