Comedian Eric O'Shea performs for ONU students (Northern Review photo/Elena Coleman).

Emmy Awarding-winning comedian Eric O’Shea is most well-known for his Elmo impressions and his creation of “Songs for Commercials.” His award-winning college show has given O’Shea seven nominations for “Campus Activities Magazine’s Male Performer of the Year.”

Ohio Northern University’s Student Planning Committee welcomed O’Shea to campus on Sept. 15 in the Bear Cave for an opportunity to perform in front of a large crowd of laughing and interactive college students.

O’Shea entranced the hysterical crowd by reenacting his famous Elmo impersonations, telling relatable stories to audience members of every age, improvising and interacting with audience members by pointing out silly laughs and reactions to his jokes. He followed his set by performing his renowned “Songs for Commercials” piece, which he previously performed at the Emmy Awards.

Senior social studies student Ryan Oberlin commented that he was so entertained that he couldn’t stop laughing.

When asked if he would see this type of show again, senior mechanical engineering major Travis Valdez answered, “Yeah, most definitely. It was cool of the school to bring in a high-quality entertainer, which is not something this school sees very often. It’s also nice to have a fun study break every once in a while.”

When O’Shea was asked what it was like performing for Ohio Northern students, he answered, “What I liked is that you’re smart, you’re silly and you think and it was not just like a comedy show to me. It was like we were all just hanging out, shooting the breeze… perfect type of crowd!”

O’Shea said he “would absolutely love to” perform for Ohio Northern students again in the future. Judging by the laughter and enjoyment from the crowd, it seems as though his return on campus would be a good possibility.

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