Did you find your partner while in college? Would you like to commemorate the significance by getting married on campus? If any of these questions apply to you, here is the information needed when planning your ceremony.


Couples cannot set dates no more than 12 months in advance. Weddings are only available from 10am to 7pm. The contract is not finalized until the complete and signed form and non-refundable deposit of $75 are received and confirmed by the Office of the Chaplain. English Chapel will be made available for up to two hours for rehearsal the evening before the wedding day and for a total of three hours on the day of the wedding (with a maximum of two hours prior to the start time of the wedding.) A charge of $50 per hour will be assessed beyond the ending time.


The couple is responsible for arranging the Officiant. Clergy who are in good standing with their denominations and are registered with the Ohio Secretary of State (1-877-767-3453) are eligible to perform marriages in English Chapel. The Officiant must provide a copy (or electronic scan) of his or her certificate to solemnize marriages in the State of Ohio to the chaplain’s office no later than one month before the wedding.

Wedding Assistant

A wedding assistant is provided by the university and is required to get married in the Chapel. They will be on hand for the rehearsal and for three hours on the wedding day (two hours prior to the ceremony and one hour for the ceremony itself) and they help with the sound board and set-up.

General Fees

The fees must be paid in full at least one week before the wedding.

  • Current student – wedding assistant ($200) = $200
  • Alumni and faculty/staff – $150 facilities fee + wedding assistant ($200) = $350
  • General public – $600 facilities fee + wedding assistant ($200) = $800
  • Over allotted time – $50/hour

Fees for Chaplain Officiating

There will be four wedding preparation sessions and a fee of $35. The general public has an additional $250 fee.


Cancellations must be written or emailed to the Chaplain. Weddings canceled less than one week before the wedding will be charged the entire fee.


An indoor wedding can hold up to 300 people. The bride and her party may meet and dress in the multi-faith room, on the pharmacy side of the building. The room will be fitted with two full-length mirrors and a rolling clothes rack on the day of the wedding. Shoes must be removed while occupying the room. The groom and his party may meet and dress in the

meeting room at the end of the main hallway. Rice throwing is not allowed.

Outdoor Weddings

There will be an additional $1 per chair and $50 for the portable sound system. An outdoor wedding could incur physical plant overtime charges. The areas that are permitted for weddings are as follows: 1) the lawn area between English Chapel and Heterick Library; 2) the courtyard between English Chapel and Heterick Library; 3) the chapel gardens (small weddings); or 4) the east end of the Tundra. A change from an outdoor to an indoor ceremony must be made at least 3 hours prior to the ceremony.

Music and Sound Booth

There is an upright piano and Clavinova that is available to use. PowerPoint and

projectors may be used—consult with the wedding assistant for details. At this time, the sanctuary organ may not be utilized for weddings.

Building Restrictions

Tobacco, firearms, and alcohol are not permitted on the premises. Candles are provided by the couple and are allowed. The wedding party is responsible for clean-up. The university is not responsible for items left behind.


Parking is available in the pharmacy lot to the north of English Chapel (see map below). On the day of the wedding, ONU security will be alerted of the presence of guests. Parking will not be reserved for weddings. English Chapel is circled above in red and indicated as #13; parking is circled in red and indicated with the letter P; handicap parking is circled in blue.


If there are any questions, please contact Debbie Roehrle at d-roehrle@onu.edu.

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