Just two days after the ONU Presidential Inauguration, a professor was mysteriously escorted out of the law building by Public Safety Officers. Students across the ONU campus from various disciplines have been trying to decipher what could have occurred for a professor to be removed from their post just before the end of the semester. Some students have expressed fear for their safety amidst current tragic events at other schools. While campus security regularly patrols, because students have been left in the dark, morbid conclusions have been drawn. Students now worry their safety is compromised while attending campus events such as theatrical performances.

As one student recounts the events of April 14, 2023, they describe their concern as that afternoon, students were instructed not to leave their classrooms, and those in hallways were ushered into rooms. The experience has been likened to tornado or active shooter drills in primary school. The tenured professor was removed from campus, and other professors have filled in to teach the class for the remaining few weeks as an investigation is underway. Students cannot fathom what may have caused a mentor to be removed so close to the exam period and are worried about their upcoming finals. 

Students are left wondering about their finals and if the professor was removed for moral turpitude, poor work ethic, or if the school is facing financial insolvency. While discouraged from speculation, it has become increasingly difficult for students to quiet their discomfort as new hallway cameras have been installed. Some students reflect on their time at ONU and note cameras were not installed after a theft in a staff office. Students were also surprised to be locked out of the building, unable to get in without their student identification cards – something they say they’ve never experienced during their time here. One student emphasized that they were locked out and had to wait for someone to let them in and that it would have been helpful to receive an email indicating the building would be locked so they would not be late to class. They shared it seemed evasive of the administration not to disclose this information so students could properly prepare. 

Although undergraduate students do not frequent the law building, upon learning of the new measures taken at the building, they are equally concerned. A statement from the administration would be able to quell these concerns, but perhaps they are unaware of the student’s anxiety. While students continue about their daily life on campus, they are on edge and hope to be better informed soon.

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