Ada, OH – As the student body’s voice, the Northern Review has always taken pride in its work. We believe we serve a vital function to the campus community; freedom of expression is one of the fundamental principles of a liberal society. We have faltered, however, in that we haven’t capitalized on it enough.

We are very excited to announce Northern Review Plus, the premium subscription service for anyone who loves student media at Ohio Northern. The fee system is simple: $29.99 per month for the first three months, then a lump sum of $49.99 for the next two months. Interest will be compounded at 4.65%, and the credit limit for new subscribers is $500.

Northern Review Plus will offer subscribers several premium features, including access to full articles; the first half of all articles will be free, while the second half of select articles will be exclusive to Northern Review Plus subscribers. In addition certain multimedia projects will also be available exclusively to subscribers.

Also available to Northern Review Plus subscribers will be behind-the-scenes access to unedited articles. Finally, in addition to the inside look at our process, subscribers will have the chance to influence Northern Review’s publication, by submitting suggestions to the editorial staff and voting on the topics of future articles through subscriber-only polls.

In the event we get a subscriber, we will determine an appropriate payment method. Our Editor-in-Chief has Venmo, but cash is also acceptable. Unfortunately, due to the current state of inflation and the energy crisis in Eastern Europe, we are unable to offer cancellation at this time.

By Gabriel Mott

Culture Editor, Award-Winning Satirical Columnist, Writer

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