Schatze sporting some Polar Bear gear! (Baumann, Melissa. Schatze. [Photo].)

I was just a puppy when I was taken away from my mom and abandoned by a breeder. I was really hungry and sick for a long time. I didn’t know what was happening, but I soon found out that I was one of the lucky ones. I was rescued and posted on a boxer rescue Facebook group, “Rockin’ P” alongside three other puppies just like me. One day, a lady came in. We were all eager to meet her. The other two pups jumped around with excitement, but I gently placed my head on her knee. On November 3rd, 2013, I met my mom, or as you may know her, President Baumann. 

Although mom would not call herself a “dog person,” she named me Schatze, which means treasure in German. She was not quite expecting to take me home at the time, but she knew what to do first – a bath and a meal. When I first came home, I was underweight and malnourished. I was a little nervous and shy because of my past, but mom was patient and gentle. She was quite upset to see my lesions and visible ribs while she washed the packed dirt from my fur, but she was soon happy to see me gulp down my first meal in my fur-ever home: a scrumptious can of tuna. 

A few short days later, mom took me to the Vet where they diagnosed me with a variety of health issues. The first few days were a bit overwhelming, but my new family showered me with love and attention, which helped me feel better. They slowly taught me how to play, took me on walks, and gave me plenty of belly rubs. My health quickly bounced back!

Soon, I began my regular morning routine of waking mom with plenty of kisses. She spoils me with my favorite toys that squeak, although they do not last long. I also adore anything attached to a rope for lots of tugging. Occasionally, mom tries to throw some of the things I bring her, and I keep bringing them back for her, but she keeps throwing them again. I don’t get it. After the third time, I give up on bringing her the toy back. 

Now, proudly ten and a half years old, I have come to appreciate domestic life. Instead of kisses in the morning, mom wakes up before me and has to push me to make her way out of bed. Yet still, once I am up and moving, the dance moves, circles, zoomies, and twists commence. I love accompanying mom on car rides, and I make sure to tell mom exactly how I feel at all times. One of my favored pastimes is watching TV alongside her. I will tilt my head at everything curiously and adorably. I am still trying to understand how mirrors work, so mom sometimes catches me staring at them in silence and concentration. 

I currently weigh just over 50 lbs, and mom likes to describe me as protective and a good judge of character. Mom has even caught me being best buds with the maintenance guy that comes over; once he gets on the ground to work on the house, I will tackle him with plenty of kisses too!

Schatze getting used to all the attention. (Baumann, Melissa. Schatze. [Photo].)

I love my new home here at ONU. I am also super proud of my mom. I get to be part of a loving family, explore new places, and learn new things. I get to receive love and attention, and I get to give it back in return. I feel lucky everyday to have been adopted, and I hope that more dogs get the chance to experience what I have. Woof woof!

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