Ada, OH – As Ohio Northern University passes the halfway point of the semester, it is worth noting the university’s value  to us as students. As a freshman I genuinely appreciate my decision to attend ONU over the other colleges I was considering. However, I wanted to understand why other students chose Ohio Northern and better understand this campus’s gifts, so I took to the Tundra to find out more. Following are a few testimonials I received from students about why they chose ONU:

“I just thought the polar bear looked cool”

-Alice Gordon, Junior Philosophy Major

“I got it confused with Organización de Narcotraficantes Unidos, the Puerto Rican crime syndicate”

-Heidi Davis, Sophomore Civil Engineering Major

“The food at Mac was delicious!”

-Jimmy Gonzalez, Senior Political Science Major

“Shut up, I’m not doing your stupid interview!”

-Robert Lopez, Freshman (Undecided)

“I threw a dart on a map of the United States, and it landed on Ada”

-Wendi Sturgill, Sophomore Business Major

“The ghost of Alexander the Great told me to”

-Cindy Black, P5 Pharmacy Major

“I dunno”

-Sherry Allison, Freshman Biology Major

By Gabriel Mott

Culture Editor, Award-Winning Satirical Columnist, Writer

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