The class of 2025 is entirely out of control! They are known to be the worst incoming class since the class of 2018. They are constantly destroying lab equipment in the biology department and vandalizing campus property. I cannot count how many times I have had to personally repair microscopes that they have broken out of sheer carelessness. I understand that shit happens and certain things cannot be avoided while working in a lab, such as dropping slides and breaking test tubes but there is no reason at all for a spectrophotometer to not function as it should. Personally, I was always taught to respect the tools I am using from my dad since he worked in skilled trades. It is just basic decency to handle expensive equipment carefully as if it was your own. These freshmen expect to be provided the opportunity to be able to use the equipment in order to complete their labs but they have destroyed it all. 

In addition to the destruction, they are quite messy and I have found that I spent over half of my time working in the lab cleaning up after them. According to multiple faculty members that I’ve talked to, the current freshman class simply lacks the ability to comprehend the basic processes of classroom learning and simple laboratory etiquette. These freshmen have no respect for the laboratory equipment provided to them by Ohio Northern University. Many faculty members noted the sheer laziness of this freshman class not only when it comes to the work they do, but also their unoriginality when it comes to cheating on exams and quizzes which our campus does not tolerate whatsoever. According to the Resident Assistants (RAs) living in the freshman dorms, the freshmen have caused copious amounts of property damage to the freshmen dorms, including but not limited to, more than seventy exit signs torn down so far this spring semester. This damage has resulted in the rumor that the University will be making plans to install security cameras in the hallways and common areas of the freshman dorms. Ohio Northern University is not the first university in the region to employ this tactic, but is in fact one of the last. 

I truly believe that because the freshman class were unable to attend their more formative years of high school that introduced them to basic laboratory practices and how to respect professors and other people’s property is one of the reasons why this freshman class has been the most destructive class by all metrics in the past since the class of 2018. I understand that distance learning is difficult and has had an effect on all current students, but that is not an excuse for the parents and past educators of these freshmen to have not taught their kids to respect their professors and the equipment that they will be using later on in life. It is not unusual for freshmen to learn how to live on their own while being away from their parents for the first time, but as noted by upperclassmen, RAs, and faculty alike they simply refuse to ask for help and are suffering not only academically but also in the social aspect.

worst incoming class since the class of 2018

– Eldon Buckner

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