ONU Dance Company and Inlet Dance Theatre

Ohio Northern University School of Visual and Performing Arts presented a joint concert with a dance company from Cleveland, known as Inlet Dance Theatre, and the ONU Dance Company on Feb. 5-6.

“Inlet Dance Theatre is committed to using dance to further people ” (Inlet Dance History). Inlet Dance Theatre was founded in 2001 by Bill Wade. Wade envisioned Inlet to embody his long-standing belief that dance viewing, training, and performing experiences may serve as tools to bring about personal growth and development. ONU Dance Company consists of over fifty Northern students from diverse majors throughout campus, from Engineering to Biology to Musical Theatre majors. 

“Inlet Dance Theatre and the ONU Dance Company is the culmination of an intensive two-week artist-in-residency. ONU has been host to artistic director Wade and teaching artist Joshua Brown for creative lectures, master classes, choreography collaboration and a performance showcasing the merging of both companies in concert” (ONU News: Inlet Dance Theatre and ONU Dance Company

The dance performances consisted of seven dance performances, three of which were performed by the ONU Dance Company and the rest were performed by Inlet Dance Theatre. Each performance had a unique concept. 

The ‘Ascension (2006)’ performance’s main idea focused on human beings ascending to higher places when their relationships are trust-based, balanced and respectful.
The ‘Estuary’, main idea was to explore the image of an estuary as a word picture for communities, institutions and organizations that allow equitable distribution of resources, nourishment, and protected environment for growth.
The ‘Caliban Ascendant, Movement 2, Ariel (2021)’performance’s concept was based on a story developed by Joshua Legg and Ty Alan Emerson, this was the second movement about a flashback where they had witness the peace and beauty of the life of the islanders before Prospero’s arrival.
The ‘Beings’ performance’s purpose explored a character grounded in movement.
The ‘Getting to Zero: A Survivor’s Tale (2016)’ performance’s purpose was to make a composite depiction of the human trafficker survivors that had met, specifically from one of the women talking about her impoverished childhood in contrast to the family lives of her school classmates.
The ‘Equals (2001)’ performance’s main idea was to explore the miracle of gestation, which was originally performed by identical twins. 

The ‘Collaborative Performed Improvisation’ performance was made on the spot to the topic chosen by the audience with three lead dancers who were randomly picked out of a hat. 

It was an amazing performance and I thoroughly enjoyed every second of it. This dance performance was well done by Inlet Dance Theatre and ONU Dance Company. Below is the program from the performance. https://indd.adobe.com/view/d69f1d5c-6311-4a7c-86a8-f186fb3821b8

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