To celebrate Ohio Northern University’s 150th birthday, the sesquicentennial committee has organized several events for the school year 2021-2022. With this committed team, they made the homecoming parade possible, as well as the tree lighting, and the commissioning of the new Nexus Sculpture in the library. 

This sculpture comprises three main parts which represent the three main entities of the school. The base of the sculpture represents the physical walls of the buildings of the campus and the supporting staff therein. The blocks arranged according to the golden ratio resting atop the base represent the faculty here on campus. The light shining out of the sculpture is shaped by the blocks atop the structure to represent the students being formed by the faculty and then going out into the world and making a difference, making it brighter. 

The Nexus sculpture has found its home in the Heterick Memorial Library and has been used to demonstrate how ONU creates a community of people ready to change the world. (Ada Icon/ photo).

“This sculpture is really made to represent what this school means. I choose to portray this with the golden ratio to represent a perfect relationship” Professor Sheets, the creator of this sculpture stated in his speech at the unveiling on Nov. 5 in the Heterick Memorial Library.

Professor Sheets has been a faculty member here for the past 16 years and heads the 3D design program here on campus. The sculpture will remain in the Heterick Library on campus, representing the connections we make every day through its name, Nexus, which means link or connection. It is a tribute to the way that we are shaped here and then pushed to carry those lessons that shaped us out into the world after we graduate. 

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