College students’ mental health rapidly with the amount of workload, studying for exams, lack of social interactions, being away from home, etc. On our campus, I have seen many college students that are tired, stressed out, or even both, while also drowning in loads of homework. Many students resort to bottling up their feelings and emotions or just drinking a ton of coffee. It was found that, throughout the COVID-19 pandemic, mental health in students has been deteriorating more than ever. Not being able to socialize with others due to social distancing guidelines, I think most affected college students. 

Ohio Northern University’s Counseling Center is being utilized even more so before the pandemic started by students. “The ONU Counseling Center supports the academic success of students by enhancing their overall mental health and wellness” (ONU Counseling Center Main Page). Lately, the Counseling Center has been fully booked with appointments for the past two months with the only two counselors that we have had, Rebecca Diller, MSW and Anthony Rivera, Psy.D. There are limited times that are available to students and it is hard trying to find a time slot that fits into your schedule. 

On October 21, Ohio Northern students received an email from Anthony Rivera, Psy.D., regarding an introduction to our newest mental health clinician, Joshua Lehsten, LSW, MSW. Joshua Lehsten was born and raised in Ada, Ohio and started his employment on October 14. I truly believe that with a third counselor, it would be highly beneficial to the Ohio Northern community. Especially since it is an effort made towards helping meet the needs of our campus student population. With an additional counselor, this would provide students more availability to book an appointment that could possibly fit more into their schedule. 

Here are more information about ONU’s Counseling Center:

  • Everyone enrolled at ONU are eligible for counseling services, there are no fees
  • Information will not be released without your written consent
  • Services that they provide in a non-judgmental atmosphere: Individual counseling for many issues and Programs/Presentations for Mental Health Awareness
  • Appointments can be made by emailing, by phone at (419) 772-2190 or in person at Klondike’s Den
  • Hours are 8am to 5pm, Monday through Friday

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