ONU’s Student Senate brings back an annual event after taking a year break due to the Covid-19 pandemic. This year’s Siblings Day allowed the opportunity for students to invite their siblings on to campus for one day of fun together. Different food trucks were set up all around the Tundra for the families to grab from along with different activities set up to do such as ziplining, an inflatable jump off and an eliminator wipeout, etc. Even if you couldn’t bring your family on campus, ONU students were still invited to join the fun. 

Siblings Day this year was a little different from the one in 2019. Visitors are now allowed back on campus but because of the Covid Restrictions still in place, families were not allowed to spend the night. One student said “Bringing back the Siblings Day event brings back a normal kind of feeling after having a rough time in 2020 and being in quarantine.” Other than the sporting events, this is one of the first annual events hosted back again since the pandemic started and is just the kind of sunshine we needed on a rainy day.

(Kids enjoying their time jumping on the Mechanical Wipeout / Trinity Hudgins)

(Families standing in line for food on the Tundra / Trinity Hudgins)

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