Holly Baumgartner, the former Dean of the Getty College of Arts and Sciences is leaving ONU to continue on with her career at the Halmos College of Arts and Sciences and the Guy Harvey Oceanographic Research Center (Halmos College) at Nova Southeastern University in Fort Lauderdale, Fla. 

Dean Baumgartner (Left) Dean’s Coordinator Heidi Leeks (Right) on the steps of Dukes (Northern Review Photo/File)

“No matter where I go or what university I come to enjoy in the future, there is still room to love ONU unreservedly,” Dean Baumgartner said in regards to her 4 years here at Northern, and her recent transition. She began her new job as Dean of the Halmos College on Sept. 6 of this year.

The Getty College has undergone some significant changes under Dean Baumgartner’s leadership. The school has been reorganized into 5 distinct colleges, a more unified identity for the Getty school has been established, and Dean Baumgartner has pushed for funds to be granted to critical science programs in Ohio. One grant authored by Dean Baumgartner comes to $1.5 million over the next 5 years for students in these programs.

As a part of Baumgartner’s passion for furthering the science and communications programs here, she encouraged the building and operation of three new centers on campus thanks to Dean Baumgartner. These include the Institute for Civics and Public Policy, the Polar Analysis Laboratory and the Halderman Sustainability Lab. 

“We are grateful to Holly for her outstanding service to the University and wish her the very best in her new role at Nova Southeastern.” Dr. Hurtig, interim Provost; Vice President of Academic Affairs, stated in regards to Dean Baumgartner’s leaving. 

The office of Dean for the Getty College of Arts and Sciences should be filled in a year. The candidates for this position will undergo an intensive hiring process as ONU attempts to select the best person for the job. This role requires the next Dean to organize and coordinate 5 schools, with over 400 members of staff who report to them. They will also be charged with connecting alumni to projects that inspire them. 

The new Dean will play a vital role in the college as they will direct the school in what they are passionate about. For instance, Dean Baumgartner was passionate about creating an identity for the Getty College and grantsmanship. This defined the way she acted for the college and the direction of its focus. 

Dr. Bowers will serve as interim Dean as ONU searches for the best candidate to fulfill the role in the future. Dr. Bowers has been with ONU for almost 20 years. “He has served as department chair of chemistry, and has learned the many ins and outs of the college through his long employment here.” Dr. Hurtig stated when introducing Dr. Bowers as the interim dean. 

This change will impact the trajectory of the ONU Getty College of arts and sciences, but the staff in charge of hiring the new Dean will do their best to find a promising candidate for the position. 

As Dean Baumgartner waves her farewell to the university, she wishes to share a few thoughts with the students: “Never stop being proud of being a Polar Bear. You are learning everything you need to be your best self and you are our world’s best hope for a positive future. I will miss you. Thanks for an amazing four years”.

Flat Holly Theater Department (Photo/Professor Brian Phillips)

Who knows, you might still catch Dean Baumgartner hanging around in the theater department if you look hard enough.

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