Entering the 2021-2022 school year is a breath of fresh air for students with a sense of normalcy. Breaking the way to the last thing to open from Covid-19 protocols is the Kinghorn pool! 

The pool is finally open to the campus and ready for you to take a splash!

Erin Crissobolis is the Assistant Swimming and Diving Coach for the Men’s and Women’s teams here on campus.  Her position comes with the responsibility of acquiring lifeguards and opening the pool to campus and the community.  

Coach Crissobolis advocates for the entire campus to use the pool as much as you can, as she states “Swimming is the best full-body workout you can do even if you have experience or not!  You don’t have to do laps, you can aqua jog, use a kickboard, etc.” 

ONU student Arin Wade is a current lifeguard working the afternoon shifts.  As a student she loves the pool, she has been roughly lifeguarding for five years and continues to because she gets to watch multiple people enjoy the pool and perfect their levels of swimming.  

“I believe the pool is a great place to destress and promote physical activity on campus, I would love to see all skill levels come and enjoy the water!” Wade exclaims to campus. 

The pool means a lot not only to campus but to the community as well.  Coach Crissobolis mentioned that “There is wonderful community engagement through the swim team giving swim lessons.  Where I can tell the community has benefitted and is happy about another positive (from Covid-19).”. Wade adores seeing the community interest in the pool. Wade says, “Being an ONU lifeguard I get to see children splashing in the pool, the Ada High School Swim team practices, all the way up to ONU’s own Swimming and Diving team.”. 

After a year and a half, the pool is ready to see you take a dive! 

Open swim hours include:

*They are subject to change, you will be notified through an ONU List email if so*

Monday & Wednesday 11:15 AM-12:45 PM

Tuesday 12:15 AM-1:30 PM

Thursday 11:15 AM-1:30 PM

Monday through Thursday 8:30-10:00 PM

Sunday 1:00-5:00 PM

Coach Crissobolis explained that in general, she posts jobs in the spring for the pool, but had no inclination if the pool was going to open for the fall. She currently has 8 lifeguards including herself. Coach Crissobolis expressed “We can never have too many lifeguards. If you are interested, absolutely apply!” 

You can apply to be a lifeguard through the student human resources page!

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