All together Founder’s Day is an engagement day, rallying all of ONU’s community to come together and give. Founder’s Day was held on April 14th this year and put together by the Alumni board.

Founder’s Day has been around for seven years now. It all started in 2015 with the name of “Power of One”, since then until just last year it was named after a different founder every year. Founder’s Day has been known to be the 14th of a month since the first ever class at ONU took place on August 14th 1871.

A theme is presented each year on which the focus is directed to. This year’s theme was “Our Dear College Days” with tons of nostalgia. This was a day for students to focus on their impactful stories and memories that stem from ONU. Social media posts were made, garnering attention and reactions from students all day.

To engage students and build the hype surrounding Founders’ Day, there were tables set up in Kinghorn, Meyer, Kennedy, Dickie, and the Library where volunteers passed out little goodies and a flyer directing students to the tundra. The Tent on the Tundra had more goodies and activities going on, such as cookies, water, cups, keychains, and t-shirts. Throughout the entire day, the Tent on the Tundra was filled with students and faculty.

Within the first ten minutes of the Founders’ Day event on the tundra 250 t-shirts were gone.

After students grabbed their goodies they were directed to a table and banner where they were able to write down their favorite memory on a piece of paper and pin it to the banner. The banner was almost filled within a couple of hours. President Dan DiBiasio even came out and gave a speech to everyone on the Tundra. Everyone was touched and grateful for the memories ONU has given them.

The day ended strong with over 1,000 alumni from 37 states coming together to fundraise over $300,000 for current and future ONU students.

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