A new course has come to ONU called “Titanic” and is taught by Dr. Strittmatter. During the past j-term this course was offered and was the largest j-term class taught at ONu with twenty students enrolled. Due to the success, Dr. Strittmatter decided to offer the course again this summer!

He originally brought this course to the table as a humanity class for the Arts & Science college. However, since the course grabbed a lot of attention, Dr. Stittmatter had many students asking him for the course to be a regular gen-ed course. 

This course is not like any other as it takes a deep dive into the fascinating and tragic story that many people are widely familiar with. When asked about the course Dr. Strittmatter explained that, “Titanic is one in its own and is not really comparable to anything. We remember the Titanic because it was the ship that sank taking celebrities with it.”. 

The course looks into history before WW1 focusing on the structure, design, and social class dynamic of the Titanic. The students read newsletters from that time period since many of them mention J.J. Astor doing different things on the ship. It wasn’t until 1985 when they discovered the shipwreck and realized it actually broke in half. Dr. Strittmatter plays many films during the course since each decade has produced a film since the incident. 

 This course covers every aspect of the Titanic inside and out. It is definitely a profound noteworthy class everyone should keep an eye out for. After all the Titanic is a captivating story and has grabbed the attention of the world for decades and will continue to be a world renowned historical event.

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