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Quarantine can come out of nowhere and change our day to day lives on the spot. Knowing what to take into quarantine can make a huge difference from being over stressed and being able to quickly make a transition. When I went into quarantine and moved into the South Courtyard Apartments, I definitely missed a few items that I wished I brought. I hope that this can help provide an idea of all the materials needed for quarantine. Keep in mind that most people are in quarantine for 10 days according to ONU and CDC’s current guidelines.

The core reason students go to college is to expand their education. This does not change when we are in quarantine so bringing all materials that might be needed for schoolwork is a must-have. Bring your laptop, notebooks, flashcards, class texts, anything that you would use on a normal week of classes. An important thing to remember is that it is the student’s responsibility to notify all of their professors about being in isolation and not being able to attend in person classes. Notifying the professor early enough might get a response that tells you how they plan on continuing your education before you may have fully moved into the quarantine area, allowing you to grab any materials they say you will need.

There is much more to quarantine than just keeping up with your classwork. You still need to keep up a daily routine and all the items you would normally use on a daily basis. They provide you with a bed, some bed clothes, some towels, and deliver food for every meal. Everything else is up to yourself to supply. Bringing a pillow is an absolute must because in most cases they do not provide one. All bathroom toiletries you would normally use also must be brought; they will provide some tissue paper, but I recommend bringing your own. Shampoo, body soap, deodorant, a toothbrush, toothpaste, extra towels, hand soap, a hairbrush, and anything else you use on the daily has to be brought. One last essential item that you might want to consider, and I regret not bringing, is snack foods. The food they deliver to you every day is from Mac and it is not always the best.

One of the most important items to remember is your personal items. Whatever you do to pass the time, on your own, you definitely will want to bring. I recommend a good book or some video games if you are into them. I personally brought a very limited number of items to pass the time and in the end, I regretted that. With nothing else in the way, I got my schoolwork done pretty early in the day and would just laze around for hours watching YouTube videos or shows. By the end of my isolation I was excited to do absolutely anything. Whatever it is you use to pass the time, bring it; you will not regret having to transport it on your own in the long run.

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