Who doesn’t love carnivals! Carnivals are fun, exciting, enjoyable, and all around an experience in itself. The Student Planning Committee at ONU hosted a Spring Carnival event on the Tundra this past Friday from 5pm to 9pm. 

Sophomore Pharmacy major Noah Good taking his crack at the hammer game.
Freshman Elise Boudreau with Freshman Samantha Dravenstott versed each other in axe throwing.

This event kept students busy with an inflatable obstacle course, velcro axe throwing, the carnival ladder game, the carnival hammer game, and many more! There was even a prize wheel they could spin to win a bunch of different items like a pen, water bottle, mug, or even a Taco Bell gift card. 

The Spring Carnival’s biggest attraction was the iconic carnival hammer game. For this game, students were given a huge sledge hammer that was around 15lbs. They then had to use the sledgehammer to hit a black rubber platform that was connected to a tall metal track. On the metal track was a metal piece where if you hit the platform hard enough, the metal piece went all the way up. It would then hit the bell and ding ding ding, you won! It always had at least ten people in line waiting to test their strength. If students didn’t hit the bell the first time they went right back in line to try again. 

The second biggest attraction was the balance ladder game. A super tricky challenge testing your coordination and stability. The vendor employee was encouraging students to give it their best shot as he kept saying “I have never seen anyone make it to the top but today could be the day.”. This challenge is so hard to accomplish because it is a plastic ladder connected to a heavy duty carabiner clip at both ends however, at both ends, the clips swivel. This forces them to be perfectly balanced as they’re climbing, or it will turn the ladder resulting in falling off. They didn’t have to worry about falling through, because underneath the ladder was an inflatable cushion they would land on.

ONU student attempting the ladder game.

Overall, the Spring Carnival was a complete success. If you couldn’t make it to this event, you definitely missed out, however be on the lookout as there will be many more exciting events from SPC this semester. Students were able to be outside enjoying the weather and having fun interacting with these games. As we have not been able to see or experience carnival games last summer, students were happy to have an opportunity to go to ‘carnival’ again.

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