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When it happens, it is a surprise. COVID-19 changes many aspects of everyday life. Quarantining is one of those aspects and it can affect anyone. ONU requires students who test positive or have been in recent contact of COVID-19 positive people to quarantine. Most students who go into quarantine are not those who test positive, but rather those who are contact traced. No matter if the contact was due to working on a group project with someone you just met or from hanging out with your closest friends and family units; anyone can suddenly be asked to quarantine. Quarantine can and will come out of nowhere and knowing what to do can help make the process easier.

When you are first contacted about going into quarantine, you will receive a phone call from the ONU Health Center. They will give you your first series of things to do. First you should isolate yourself in your room if you can. If you are in a dorm room where you do not have separate rooms for each roommate, contact your roommates and ask them to wait somewhere outside of the room. After some time, you will receive a phone call from Adriane Thompson-Bradshaw who will inform you about housing. One of two situations will happen, depending on your campus living situation.

If you live in a dorm that allows for separate rooms for each roommate, and your roommates are okay with you staying there, you can stay within your dorm. You are requested to stay within your own room, only leaving to use restroom facilities. Roommates are required to sanitize the restroom every time that you use it. If you live in a dorm room where you cannot have separate living spaces from other students, you have a public restroom, or your roommates are not okay with staying there while you are in quarantine you will be relocated to the South Courtyard Apartments. In both situations, you will be offered food services through an email from Noah Ristau.

Moving into the Courtyard Apartments is supposed to happen quickly. Gather any belongings that are needed for classes and leisure and then start traveling over. Once you are there, call Public Safety [(419)-772-2222] and an officer will be with you promptly to give you access to your room and will you be given a small care package with different snack foods.

Knowing these different steps allows for us to be prepared for the unforeseeable. The last thing any student wants is to go into quarantine, but when it happens the best thing to do is just go through with it. The best thing to do is to be prepared, it can help relieve a lot of mental stress.

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