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How are we supposed to survive off of the Mac food? I appreciate them and all their hard work, but the food is rough. Any tips on how to get around it?

Hello! As a senior, I’ve definitely had my fair share of dealing with Mac food. I will admit that it is rough. Personally, I am just really picky, especially about the meat that I eat so I always struggled going to Mac. Like you said, I appreciate everything they do but sometimes it can be tough and it’s important to remember that they can really only work with what they’re given. I imagine they’re usually on a time crunch, have to feed a lot of students, and maybe aren’t supplied with the best ingredients. I remember the days of warm cookies, what a treat those were. 

One thing that always helped me was remembering that the food wasn’t going to hurt me and I really only needed it to survive. Again, I’m picky and mostly worried about getting sick so I just pushed through by assuring myself that I more than likely was not going to get sick and I just needed enough sustenance to get through the day. It’s easier that way. 

I also learned to make my own little combinations. I haven’t been to Mac since COVID so I’ve heard it’s different now, but if possible, try to get items you can combine to make bigger and better meals. I always got whatever grilled chicken was left and put it with pasta or a big salad. Tip with the pasta: more sauce is best. The pizza and soups were also usually pretty good and filling. You could also make lettuce wraps. It’s hard to eat relatively the same thing consistently, but you just gotta live, ya know? 

WOW was always a little better option for me so I’d usually get Mac for lunch and then treat myself with WOW (or even Cosi) for dinner to make it a little more bearable. I also recommend supplementing with good snacks in your dorm/apartment. 

And finally, a little more salt and pepper than you might think never hurts. I hope this helped, you’ll make it through!

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