Taste of Africa is an annual event held by the African Student Association. This event gives you a taste of different foods from around Africa, along with a sense of what kind of traditional clothing is worn, what games were played and what kind of art they made. Many flags were on display to represent some of where the African student members are from. Some of the dishes served are from Nigeria, Cameroon, Ghana, and West Africa.

One student said “My favorite dish was probably the suya and everything tasted amazing, it was full of flavor, and filling” Another student also stated “My favorite dish was the Nigerian jollof and plantains. It was a great mixture of spicy and sweet. I love it.”

People were not only able to come and get food but were also able to walk through the musuem. The museum also included art and artifacts from different African countries. Many students had positive feedback about the museum. One student said “I liked the flag walkthrough because students gave current events and personal perspectives from the countries they were from.”

Menus were made so people could see what the association was serving along with what ingredients were used. Vegetarian options were also available. Each meal was $7 if pre ordered and $5 for each additional box. Due to the new Covid guidelines, food was prepackaged and time slots were set in place for people to pick up their food to avoid overcrowding in the chapel. Once you came to the chapel a tour guide would take you around the museum to explain the different items on display.

Once the tour was over, you were able to grab your to-go boxes with your name on it and be on your way. Due to Covid interrupting many plans and events this semester, Taste of Africa was a bit different from last year’s event. Last year you were able to sit, eat and enjoy watching the fashion show, dance tutorials and dance performances.

Even though Covid has affected things, many people still attended this year’s event. Taste of Africa was opened to anyone and everyone, it didn’t have to just be people in the community of Ada or Ohio Northern. One student said “I would recommend everyone to go to this event next fall. It would definitely give you a taste of the African culture.”

Even though this event is only held once a year in the fall, going to the Taste of Africa is a great way to get a taste or a sense of another culture that may not be your own. It can never hurt to try something new.

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