A low faculty: student ratio along with high retention and job placement rates have secured a high place for Ohio Northern University in US News’, 2021, assessment of regional midwest colleges. This assessment runs the numbers on schools and spits out a score and subsequent rating based on different characteristics that prospective students care about. 

Ohio Northern University is grouped with the Regional Colleges of the Midwest in US News’ ranking system. This means that the school mainly focuses on undergraduate schooling, and grants fewer than half of their degrees in the liberal arts. This also means that the school may award primarily two year associate degrees occasionally.

The range of the Midwest includes: Illinois, Indiana, Iowa, Michigan, Minnesota, Missouri, Ohio and Wisconsin. 

A chart breaks down all the criteria Ohio Northern University was ranked on. The college placed 3rd overall. (Bekah Lee/ Northern Review Graphic)

Ohio Northern University earned third place out of the 76 schools ranked in this category. One of the main reasons Ohio Northern University placed so highly was because of its low student: faculty ratio. The University boasts of an 11:1 ratio. This beats the average faculty student ratio by 7 students per faculty member. 

When describing the relationship between students and faculty at this university professor and Dean of Ohio Northern’s Pettit College of Law Charlie H. Rose III stated that, “you’re never just a number, you’re always a name.” 

Professor and Dean of the Ohio Northern’s Business Administration College John C. Navin described the relationship as the fundamental culture of ONU.   

Another area that this school scored high in is the retention rate of students. The retention rate measures the number of students who start and finish their degree at the school in question. This school’s retention rate is 85% of freshmen that make it to graduation. This indicates that the students are satisfied with the school. 

One of the main ways Ohio Northern does this is through clubs and organizations. As of last year, 82% of the students at Ohio Northern were involved in some sort of club or organization. 22% of students participate in at least one sport on campus, and 18% of students are involved in greek life on campus. There are over 200 organizations for students to choose from to engage in school beyond just going to classes.

Another benefit that Ohio Northern offers to their students is the diversity and inclusion of the school. For example, you do not have to be a theatre student to participate in a theatre production here. You do not have to be a journalism major to write or edit on the campus newspaper. There are many opportunities for students to get involved and create a life for themselves beyond their studies. 

“There is opportunity for engagement from day one” President Dan Dibiaso states. This is evidenced by an event called Welcome Fest. This event is held in the King Horn Sports Center during the first week of school before classes start. All of the campus organizations and clubs set up tables with fliers and sign up sheets for freshmen and other students to sign up for the organizations they would like to participate in. 

The students are engaged in both their learning and their various clubs and organizations on campus. This keeps them at Ohio Northern. However, Ohio Northern does not only show an aptitude for keeping its students, but also for sending its students into the world with the tools and connections to find and excel in their chosen careers. 

This University boasts of a 96% job placement rate. They prepare students for interviews, high quality of work in future careers, and a network of alumni and other connections to support them in any path they choose. 

“I provide paths for students to get where they want to go and that permeates the ONU experience,” Dean Rose claimed this to be his purpose at this campus. He, like so many of the ONU faculty, is devoted to seeing the students here succeed in life beyond academia.

Overall, “This is an indicator of the excellence of our institution”, President DiBiaso, stated in regards to the recent rankings. “Students and families pay attention to them (the ranked assessments) so, if that is the case, then it is important that we are sending the information to them, that it’s accurate and truthful”. As the President states, Ohio Northern University is committed to their students. 

“Our vision is to transform students’ lives,” Dean Baumgartner of the Getty College of Arts and Sciences says emphasizing the importance of truly caring for and nurturing the students at this school. 

As evidenced by the words of the Deans and President listed above, Ohio Northern is much more than the numbers, it is a community devoted to engaged activity and study meant to prepare students for the future they choose. 

“There is an undercurrent of joy that is self evident even when times are tough” Dean Rose.

Charlie H. Rose III, professor and Dean of ONU’s Pettit College of Law

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