On September 4th from 4 to 5pm, the ONU campus put on an Ice Cream Social for their students. Located under the tent on the tundra, students were able to stop by any time during this hour and enjoy some ice cream. They could also sit and listen to the ONU marching band play some tunes while they enjoyed their sweet dessert. 

This Ice Cream Social was different than what it has been in the past years. Due to COVID, events have to be COVID friendly. Everyone wore masks and social distanced when possible. The ice cream was also COVID friendly. All ice cream was individually wrapped and the disrupters were wearing gloves. Hand Sanitizer was also available as well as the picnic tablets under the tent being socially distanced. With all these factors at play, students were safe to enjoy their ice cream while listening to the marching band play their tunes. 

The band was excited to perform for the first time this year. Without any football games, there are not many chances for them to perform. They marched over at 4:30 and stood at flags that were 6 feet apart in front of the tent. Each band member stood at their own flag and played their instruments for the whole campus to hear. Directed by Dr. Bates, Rayanne Nye, and Selena Avila, the band played loud and proud. The songs that they played included the ONU fight song, Trooper Salute, Egmont Overture, Sweet Child of Mine, I Want it That Way, High Hopes,and Shape of you. Students were able to jam out along with the band to a few of the songs they knew. It really was a fun and lifting experience for our students. 

ONU students were able to get out of their dorms, enjoy some treats, and music. With the semester not having any traditional breaks from classes, students may find themselves needing a mental break here and there. Allowing students to get out of their dorms and into the sunlight was just what they needed and this even achieved that. We look forward to more COVID safe events that ONU has to offer. These activities will continue to keep its students spirits high as we continue through the rest of the semester. 

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