The ONU Heterick Memorial Library has reduced seating capacity and the number of students studying decreased as compared to last year. (Photo/Mana Hashimoto)

Starting the fall semester 2020, most of the academic buildings started to reduce seatings due to COVID-19. Each class must have less than a group of 20 students. If exceeding that number, the class is held virtually throughout the semester until the pandemic ends. Since all buildings on campus limited their capacity, so did the Heterick Memorial Library. For instance, they have reduced the number of seats, limited space available to eat and drink, and require people to wear a mask upon entering the library. 

Before COVID-19, this library was filled with students especially from the beginning of the semester. However, due to the newly set guidelines and rules that the library stated, the number of students who come to study or do homework has decreased in comparison to last year’s repetitive. Why is this? The most common reason would be the frightfulness of infection. Yuki Okada, a sophomore Graphic Design major said, “I’m worried that I might be infected COVID thing”. 

This article will help students to become aware of places that students may be able to study comfortably and places where they could be able to concentrate on their studies as well. Perhaps, some places do not require you to wear a mask and might be an individual room that you are available to eat and drink. 

The most visible study space that has increased its number of students is right outside of the library. For this semester, ONU put large picnic tables outside the library. Typically, you would see a student(s) sit and study outside. On most days, when it is not raining, all those tables are taken. Han Pham, a P4, said about those tables outside, “I like the air, atmosphere, and peaceful environment which enhances my studying. And I do not need to wear a mask, also able to eat and drink”. She recommends the picnic tables, especially if the weather is not too hot or too cold, and get drinks from Northern Light, which has started a walk-up window.

“I feel comfy and more relaxed when studying in my dorm,” Ariel Zhang, a P3, said. She is one of the students who prefer to study in her room. She thinks the environment of the library makes her feel anxious, which will not create a nice atmosphere or good vibes for her to focus on studying for an exam. Okada, another student who prefers to study in her room too, since she could concentrate on her studies. 

Dylan McWilliams, a P3 and SRA (Senior Resident Assistant) of Lakeview, usually studies in the pharmacy building and mentioned, “I like to study in an atmosphere where I will be able to see some people talk to during study breaks, but a place where I know I will be able to get my work done”. Although the pharmacy building also has limited capacity and seating, he said that “as the weeks go by more and more people are starting to study there again. But, not as much as last year”. He feels that fewer people are studying there. He prefers to study in the pharmacy building, but he does not recommend it to everyone because it depends on what they are looking for. 
There are many spaces that students could still be able to study. The Getty College of Arts and Sciences has offered study and eating spaces for everyone. If you want to find space to study or eat, visit this site to see all of the available spaces.

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