ONU Black Rose Rugby (photo/Nolan Yahrmarkt)

Rugby football is a complicated game that hails from the market town Rugby of Warwickshire, England. This sport is the precursor to American football, but the rules are very different.


  • Players are forbidden from throwing the ball forward. The only way to gain ground is to run with the ball or kick it.
  • After a minor infringement of rules, the opposing players push against each other for possession in an event called the scrum.
  • When parallel lines of players, arranged perpendicular to the touch line, attempt to catch the ball thrown from said line, this is called the line-out.
  • In Black Rose’s parent league, “downs” do not exist.
  • After scoring, the team who scored receives the ball again.

Scoring System:

  • Try (5 points): When a team touches the ball down in the opponent’s in-goal area or on their goal line. If successful, the scoring team can attempt a conversion kick
  • Conversion Kick (2 points): A kick taken from the spot where the ball was originally grounded.
  • Penalty Kick (3 points): A kick awarded as penalty for the opposing team’s infraction.
  • Drop Goal (3 points): When a player drops the ball on the ground and then kicks it just as it bounces. The ball must go through the uprights.

Senior marketing major, Nolan Yahrmark admits that the rules can be difficult to comprehend, but the more you see it, the easier it is to understand.

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