Kappa Alpha Theta’s new member directer with their new spring members.
(Credit: Kappa Alpha Theta)

 Ohio Northern University’s Greek Life recently held informal recruitment. During the fall, recruitment is more formal with four nights predetermined for the girls to meet each chapter, as opposed to informal recruitment in January in which each chapter hosts singular events for potential new members to get to know the sisters.

During the formal recruitment process, there are four rounds: Philanthropy night, Sisterhood night, Preference night, and Bid Day. Philanthropy night showcases each chapter’s philanthropy, its significance to each chapter, and the events they hold to support their causes. Sisterhood night is a glimpse into each sisterhood, and chapters often times show fun videos of what they have done throughout the semester. Preference night is when the potential new members get to know the sister they have met throughout the process. They also get to know that sister on a deeper level and discuss why they chose that chapter. Then the potential new members decide between their top two choices of chapters. Bid Day was the last day. Bid Day is when the chapters hand out bids to girls they have picked to join their sisterhood. The process allows each potential new member to learn more about each chapter and what makes them unique.

However, the more recent recruitment was less formal. Alpha Xi Delta hosted game night and a hot chocolate event for the potential new members to get to know the sisters. Kappa Alpha Theta had a painting event as well as a Bachelor night where the potential new members experience the fun of the dramatic show and get to know one another. They also held a dance night. Delta Zeta held a game night, pancakes and pajamas night, and an ice cream open house. 

These different events helped each potential new member decide if she wanted to join Greek Life and meet some of the sisters from multiple chapters. Gaining new members is important for the chapters of Greek Life here at ONU. 

Sophomore pharmacy major Sara Brockelman, the recruitment officer for Kappa Alpha Theta, said, “Going through recruitment, especially at a school like Ohio Northern, is such a unique opportunity! Not only do you have the chance to meet tons of new people going through recruitment but you have the opportunity to find another support group for you here on campus. 

“It is a super fun experience and definitely something I recommend everyone to give a chance. It’s a cliché saying, but ‘it’s not four years, it’s for life’ holds true. The friends I have made through Greek life will be the ladies in my life forever!” 

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