As humans I must ask, have we become so simple minded that we no longer care for testing our understanding? Have we lost touch with our inner self who wishes to go and be creative? Why have we as people lost interest in art? So many questions, such as these, come to mind when thinking about why attendance is so low at the Elzay Gallery at Ohio Northern University. 

Let’s get real here, I am an art student, so of course I find art interesting. But, I seem to be one of just a few people who visit the art gallery on campus. I understand people are busy, they have homework, work, school related activities, and so on. Though it only takes a few seconds to go over to the Wilson Art Building and enjoy what the Elzay Gallery holds within its walls.

We, as humans, have lost touch of being able to go and experience something. What is the point of going if you can see it on your phone right? It’s not just about seeing it, but experience it. If it’s realistic or abstract, who cares just go and experience what someone has done. Let your mind wonder, let that creative inner self be able to experience just being alone with a piece of work. 

I have heard people say that they don’t understand what an artwork is trying to show or experience. They get so worried that they are going to misinterpret what an artist was trying to get across. In the world of art, part of the experience is understanding that there is no wrong way to look at a piece of work. Just like all humans have different opinions in life, it is the same for how people look at art.

Come visit the Elzay Art Gallery, her walls often hold up many great works of art. Not all are made to be quick and easy to understand. Some are confusing and may be simple. While other works have splashes of color all around them. Come experience what these walls have to offer from time to time or sit inside and relax as you look around. Come in touch with your inner creative side, it is just waiting to be found again. 

Right now the Elzay Gallery holds many works of pottery by George Metropoulos McCauley. His pots have colorful designs that are applied with his hands, fingers, and sometimes brushes. When looking at his works, you can start to think about the process of what is in front of you. His work focuses more on the act of making rather than focusing on correctness. Stop by the Elzat Gallery anyday of the week between 1pm and 4:30pm to enjoy the hard works of artists.

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