As a part of their monthly events, SPC decided to host a paint and sip for fall. While paint and sips are often a drinking affair, the only requirements are a group of painters, an idea, tons of paint, and a teacher. So SPC has found a way to open them up for the general student body: having a student lead the event.

The demo pumpkins. (Northern Review Photo and Painting/Harleigh Bellmann)

Emma Canfield is no novice to craft-style painting and has led a similar event for the members of her sorority. Kendra Arnold, a fellow Alpha Xi Delta and member of SPC, then asked Emma to lead another paint and sip on behalf of SPC for October 18th. She was given full creative control but chose the simple but festive scene of two pumpkins in front of a fence as pictured above. “I wanted something that represented fall but wasn’t overtly Halloween,” she said.

Over thirty students piled into the Bearcave and crowded around little tables. Emma called out the instructions while an example was painted and then walked around to help confused students. After two, most students were filing out of the room with completed portraits. This is beauty of a paint and sip; in just a few hours, everyone can have a painting their proud to have made.

October 15th was the second one of these events that SPC has hosted and will likely not be the last. In the meantime, the step-by-step instructions on how the pumpkins from this event can be found here.

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