Res Life hosted Love Where You Live Day on September 29 for students to come together and work on bettering the campus and building making a stronger community around themselves. Students went across campus mulching trees, pulling weeds, painting stairs, and working on the Res Life homecoming banner throughout the two-hour time period.

This opportunity was offered to all students living on campus. It also serves as a way of preparing the campus for homecoming weekend. Several students and all the resident directors and assistants pulled together to make Love Where You Live Day possible. Overall, most of the people working started to feel a stronger connection to each other, building the community on the campus

The message of strengthening the community is one of the most important details to take from Love Where You Live Day. Chris Pfaff, a second-year pharmacy student and resident assistant of Maglott Hall doubled down on this message in saying, “Learning how to build a sense of community is especially important in your life, not only just in the dorms. You need to be able to build a community in your professional field and in everyday life.” He and several residents from his hall was just some of the students that participated in this community building.

All the members of Res Life saw a similar message throughout the whole event. Edward Chao, a third-year pharmacy student and resident assistant of Affinity Northwest said, “Love Where You Live Day is a time for my residents to get out and for them to get involved with the rest of the students, a real opportunity to meet more students. Getting to mulch around Affinity really brings the students together and allows them to interact with other students they normally wouldn’t.”

Res Life is always trying to put events together to help build the community, usually with other student lead organizations to. All students living on campus can take advantage of these activities throughout the year, so watch for any future emails from Res Life to prevent missing out on any events

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