Student Senate’s Housing Representative race ended with the swearing in of nine new Senators on September 11th. Each new Senator took the oath of office under the direction of Secretary of Judicial Affairs, Ally Garlock. Student Senate also welcomed two new law school representatives on September 25th. 

Elections took place Sept. 9th and 10th. The inauguration was Sept.11th. 

Freshmen history and political science major, Andrea Hoffman, ran for student senate to be involved on campus in a unique way that would give her the power to change the school for the better. “I look forward to being in a group that has a lot of control on campus and is able to come up with new ideas to not only engage the student body but to help them achieve the most they can,” Hoffman said.

Garlock was in charge of running this election. Garlock and her committee ensures all candidates met the requirements, followed all campaign rules and ran the physical election. At the end of the race, she swore in the winners. “All of the senators we gained are brand new to Senate. I think this is a huge advantage to Senate and their residence halls because they will be able to make their positions what they want,” Garlock said. “I’ve got a very good feeling about these new senators and how they’ll handle their positions!” 

The new representatives are as follows: 

Affinity Housing: Andrea Hoffman, Kenton Doute

Founders Hall: Zachary Kratowicz, Spencer Short, Arin Wade

Klondike’s Den, Polar Place, and Northern Commons: Jonathan Kurtz

Lakeview and University Terrace: Faith Stuart

Lima Hall: Jamison (Noah) Stamper

Maglott Hall: Isabella Orofino, Abigail (Michal) Moran

Off Campus: Jessica Haynie

Park Hall: Katelynn Leist

Law Representatives: Callie Ray and Elena Tierney

There are still vacancies in the following areas: Brookhart Hall, Park Hall, Roberts Hall, Stadium Hall Apartments, and Stambaugh Hall / Courtyard Apartments.

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