Main street of Ada, Ohio. (photo/file)

Summer is finally here and some of us polar bears are in Ada for the summer. Ada may not seem like the greatest place to spend a college summer, but I want to prove you wrong.

Ada, Ohio is a great place to be and even when students aren’t on campus there are fun things to do around town. There may not be as many young students filling up the place but the fun is what you make it.

Starting in June, that Ada Library summer reading program begins. Even as college students, going to the village library and seeing what it has to offer can be a fantastic time. There are plenty of great books to check out and read. There may even be prizes if you read enough of them.

Coming in July, the Lima Symphony Orchestra patriotic pops concert will be on the Tundra. Grab a cooler and some friends and come out to listen to some great music. This is a good time to sit out in the sun and enjoy a free concert.

In August, the Made In Ada Wilson Football Festival happens. This is such a hit to everyone in Ada and brings a lot of great food and fun. Coming out to see everyone festive and excited while walking around main street is a great way to get involved in Ada over the summer.

There are plenty of ways to have fun in Ada throughout the summer. These ideas are already up on the calendar so people are already preparing. Get excited and have a great summer.

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