Keeping up with summer classes can be difficult with all the distractions the warm months bring. (photo/Juraj Varga)

Most students have to take summer classes. It can be an important thing for students so they can still graduate after four years. Summer classes are also usually slightly less of a workload because they are shorter.

Among the many positives of summer classes, the one negative is not remembering to stay on top of your work. It can be easy to get behind because of all the other events and vacations that happen during the summer. I’m here to share a few tips that will help you stay on top of your summer work.

Put it on a calendar

Starting the second a student receives their syllabus, they should be putting important deadlines into a calendar. Google Calendar works great because it will email you to notify you of upcoming events.

Have the reminder alarm set for the day before so you aren’t scrambling 30 minutes before it is due. This will make your calendar seem full but it will feel great to get it all marked off.

Schedule out time

Have specific time scheduled out each day or every other day for the class. During this time period focus on the class and what you need to get done. Once the time is up put it away until the next scheduled out time.

This will help make sure you aren’t overworking yourself and that you “go to” class like you normally would in college. Scheduling out time can also help you remember to complete assignments in a summer class.

Ask for help

Summer classes can mean you don’t get as close to a professor or you get someone new you’ve never worked with before. It can be intimidating to reach out when dealing with someone new. Make sure if you are struggling in the class or confused in any way to reach out to your professor. They are there to help you even in the summertime.

Even if you don’t want to reach out to a professor, make connections with people in your class. Having reliable students you can reach out to will help with all classes, not just summer classes.

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