A dorm room before being packed up. (photo/file)

Finals week is already hectic enough without the impending doom of having to pack up your entire room and move out and every single year hustling through the week trying to pass classes and think of a new way to fit the mini fridge into their four-door sedan.

Having everything that is stressful land in the same week of the semester is hard. It can make life even harder than it needs to be. That is why I have a few good tips on how to pack up at the end of the year. It will always have to happen around exams, but if you plan accordingly, you can save yourself some time.

Use breaks wisely

Breaks is a loose term. In this statement, breaks stand for both breaks from school and breaks during study time. Spring semester has two different breaks throughout it, spring break and Easter break. Both of these times are suitable to start taking home little amounts of stuff in your room that you do not need.

Winter items can usually start going home around spring break, but keep a few for when it gets cold. Large furniture items and a majority of your clothes can come home during Easter. Students will only be in school for a few more weeks, so an abundance of clothes are needed and neither or unused items of furniture.

Also using study breaks to start packing. If you need a break from writing a paper take 15 minutes to pack up some shirts or items you know you won’t need. Quickly your room will be packed, and your studying will be done.

Have boxes

Be prepared for the end of the year. Start saving boxes from packages or bags from the grocery store. There is a lot more that can fit into the dorms than you think and you’ll need plenty of boxes to get it all home.

A great idea is bringing back suitcases from home to fit things into. They are decently sized and can fit a large amount of stuff. Check out places like Walmart or Community market for free boxes to help pack.

Don’t wait

It seems like a really good idea to wait until the last minute but it is not. To move out of the dorms, students have to set up a time for RA’s to come to check out the room. Students must be completely moved out when this happens.

Waiting until last minute can make students late for this time and maybe even unprepared to the point that their move out will be delayed. Start moving out slowly and in pieces so it is manageable and less chaotic.

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