Kappa Alpha Theta sophomore Ashlee Buxton cheers for Phi Gamma Delta as they perform. Ohio Northern University Greek Week began with Greek Sing in the King Horn Sports Center. (Ohio Northern University Photo / Trevor Jones)

“What clubs or organizations are you involved in?”

That question is actually the second worst question to get asked, right behind, “So, What are you doing after graduation?” This is asked by parents, friends, strangers, future employers… you never know. Responding with nonsense and just babbling about how you are busy with classes, or you don’t know because you are in a broad field is the wrong way. I know this through a lot of experience from interviews all the way to extended-family vacations, I’m here to give everyone tips on how to get more involved on ONU’s campus.

Go to activity fairs

Each semester the University holds activity fairs full of clubs and organizations looking to let everyone in. Most clubs and organizations will have sign up sheets that just require an email address so they can send you more information. Easy-peasy.

When all the clubs and organizations you were interested in email you about meetings or events, it will give you a chance to show up once or twice to see if you actually enjoy it.

Show up

Being involved is half the battle of joining a club or organization, You actually have to show up to events, meetings and even fundraising activities. Most people like to join and then never show up, but is that really being involved? Once you start making it a point to come to all the meetings and events, it will become fun and you will form long lasting friendships.

Join something fun

Don’t join a club that you have zero interest in. If you hate it there is no motivation to show up, but if it is something you are super interested in you will be excited for anything you can do for them.

ONU has so many clubs to fit everyone’s needs and wants. If there is absolutely nothing we already have that sounds fun, get 8 friends together and you can start a brand new organization on campus.

Don’t become overwhelmed

While joining all the different clubs and on campus can be a great time, know that it’s okay to back away and give yourself time to relax. Being under-involved and over-involved are two very real things. If you are doing too many things at once on top of your classes, your social life and mental health can quickly become overwhelmed and you’ll be unable to give 100% to what you need to.

Make sure when committing to certain meetings you don’t overlap or crowd important days in your schedule. You can always come back to certain organizations when you have time.

I hope once you’ve joined something new, you find the excitement and fun it can bring to your college experience. Happy club hunting.

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