The Northern Review is Ohio Northern University’s campus newspaper.  As a staff, we work to be a relevant and credible source of information to the student body and campus community.  We do our best to exercise our First Amendment right responsibly.

We live in a world of “fake news.” Fake news is a type of hoax or deliberate spread of misinformation. In today’s political climate, the public is taught to distrust the media. The leader of the free world indignantly opposes its purpose and continues to shame news organizations for truthful, albeit inconvenient, reporting.

The news changes so rapidly that it’s extremely difficult to stay up-to-date on everything. Because of false information, President Trump has called the media “the enemy of America.” Many news organizations, including the New York Times, have been banned from political press conferences.

In a society plagued by “alternative facts” and “fake news,” it’s hard as college journalists to feel positive about the future of journalism. Once we enter the workforce, will we be taken seriously? Will we be ridiculed and criticized? Is this a bad time to become a journalist?

There’s no better time to become a journalist than right now. 

Our job as journalists is no different compared to New York Times or CNN. Any party responsible for fake news has the intention of deliberately spreading false information to gain financially or politically. All journalists follow a code of conduct, a set of ethical standards as to prevent the miscommunication of false information and damage to one’s reputation.

We have reported honestly on pressing campus issues, pushing for public accountability and transparency. 

In 2015, we addressed the student body’s dissent towards ONU’s dining services (recently, we broke the news about its upcoming renovations this summer). Last spring, we reported on the controversial hiring of a since-begone biology professor. We have covered everything from campus crime to student government to university life.

We will not stray away from important stories involving any topic because we have a duty to the public as journalists. Our goals to be the best source of information about events, sports and culture at ONU will not be obstructed by a negative attitude toward the media.  We are reaffirming our values and staying true to what we believe.

No matter what the story, we abide by ethical guidelines that set our reporting apart. We strive to serve and inform you, the reader, by giving you the best possible product. The Northern Review is written for Polar Bears, by Polar Bears.

As editors of the Northern Review, we have inherited a set of standards for our stories from previous editorial staff members. As we move forward and grow as a relatively new digital newspaper, we strive to provide credible, accurate and essential news about Ohio Northern University to students.

As Ohio Northern students, we know that these are tumultuous times, both on campus and nationally. Trust, and especially trust of the media, is growing scarce.

We’d like you to know that you can trust us.

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