On Saturday, comedians Etta May and Jon Reep performed at the Freed Center. Seats were filled as people came to watch this event focusing on southern comedy.

The huge audience likely knew Jon Reep from NBC’s “Last Comic Standing,” in which he was the winner of season five. Since then he’s had many television appearances, such as “Comedy Central Presents: Jon Reep,” Disney Channel’s “Good Luck Charlie,” and TBS’s “Pit Stop Comedy.” He also played a farmer in the movie “Harold and Kumar Escape from Guantanamo Bay.”

Since many were familiar with Jon Reep, they probably were unaware of who Etta May was. However, the audience seemed to enjoy her act as she took them on a “redneck ride through the Deep South.”

May made the audience laugh as she talked about weight, making jokes about Weight Watchers. She jokingly called the establishment a “cult.”

Although the audience found May amusing, they were ecstatic when Reep came out thirty minutes later.

The comedian came out dancing to Silento’s “Watch Me (Whip/Nae Nae), which sent the crowd in a roar. He even wore a hat that said Ada on the front. He jokingly said he thought the town was a fraternity and that it stood for “Alpha Delta Alpha.”

The crowd continued to laugh at Reep throughout his act as he commented that he was from a town called Hickory, so he was “destined to be a redneck.” He continued with tales of his childhood and his life after moving to Los Angeles.

Audience participation was strong as Reep kept calling on people throughout the crowd. Audience member Kara Stephens really enjoyed this part, but her favorite was the final bit.

“I loved how he interacted with the crowd so much. It was refreshing to see a comedian that acknowledged the audience as people.” Stephens continued with, “My favorite part of the show was when he pretended to drive his brother’s car to the tune of “Pour Some Sugar on Me.” It was a great way to end the show.”

Since the show had an abundance of people show up, the audience hopes to see the two comedians perform at ONU again in the future.

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