Have you ever wanted to travel? Learn about a different culture and way of life? With ONU’s Hanyang program fellowship, several students have been able to do just that. On Tuesday at 5:30 p.m. there was an information session about the Hanyang fellowship. The session was held in the Wishing Well where students could listen to the presentation, as well as enjoy some free pizza.

Ohio Northern has been in partnership with Hanyang University since 2007. During the year, ONU admits students from Hanyang, so in the summer, Hanyang returns the favor for ONU students.

ONU students study in Seoul, South Korea for four weeks. Tuition, housing, and excursion costs are covered in the fellowship, but students have to cover food, personal expenses, airfare cost, and an ONU administrative fee. Fortunately, the University offers a stipend of up to $750 for airfare cost. However, only three students from each college are chosen to receive the fellowship. 

In the meeting, details about the trip were explained by a past fellowship winner, Angela. She mentioned how students can earn up to six credit hours at Hanyang University, and these credits transfer to Ohio Northern. The types of classes students may take are of a huge variety. There are many options, such as Taekwondo, Pottery, and Beginner’s Korean.

Alyssa Bell, study abroad coordinator, said, “It’s a huge university, so you can really study a little bit of anything that you want while you’re there.”

As the session went on, past fellowship winners went around and said what they most enjoyed from this experience. Many of the students mentioned that this program helped them meet new people and explore new things.

Accounting major Mahaya Porter shared what she loved about Korea.

My favorite thing about going to Korea was pretty much the entire experience, but really getting to be in depth in a new culture. It’s just something that you don’t get to do everyday, and since we go to college in such a small city, it was really cool going to college in such a main city.

Mahaya Potter

Applications can be filled out online with the creation of a student account. An essay is also required. The deadline for applications is February 14.

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