As of August 17, there has been a tobacco ban established on campus. The idea for the ban emerged from a recommendation from the sustainability committee. Based on that, different groups around campus expressed their support. With so much acceptance, President DiBiasio approved the ban for a tobacco-free campus.

The ban prohibits any use of tobacco or products that mimic tobacco. These include cigarettes, cigars, snuff, e-cigarettes, and many others. These rules not only apply to students, but faculty, staff, employees, volunteers, and visitors as well.

With so many prohibited items, some may wonder how the university plans to enforce the ban. With that being said, there seems to be some confusion on how to approach the issue. While some involved with the ban say that consequences are almost equivalent to alcohol misconduct, President Daniel A. DiBiasio says otherwise.

The President wants to “stress education and compassion” to anyone who may have a problem with ONU’s tobacco-free campus.

We’re not really out looking for people, but if we encounter folks we want to make sure they’re aware of the fact that our policy is what it is,” says DiBiasio.

To make sure anyone in need has a smooth transition, there are many resources a person can use either on or off campus. On campus there is the Office of Human Resources, ONU Health Center and ONU Healthwise. Resources available off campus include the Ohio Quitline, the American Lung Association Help Line, the National Cancer Institute, and the EX program.

In more extreme circumstances, ONU Healthwise is able to help individuals receive a nicotine replacement and hopefully wean their dependence on tobacco-derived substances.

The Director of ONU Healthwise, Michael Rush, says, “We’ve been giving employees and anybody that comes to our services nicotine replacement products, and we’ve had a number of individuals who have successfully quit smoking, and I think that’s a victory.”

The goal is to eliminate secondhand smoke and make Ohio Northern a healthier place for everyone.

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