Why stress when you can DE-Stress? On Tuesday night the Chapel held a DE-Stress/Refresh event where students could relax and enjoy an evening of fun.

At the Chapel, students could make sand balls, color, play board games, put together puzzles, and dance their hearts out with Just Dance.

Kaitlyn Crebo, the Chapel’s program organizer, said the event served as a chance for students to relax at this point in the year. 

“We put this particular event on around this time of each semester to give students a break from the school work and studying and to have some fun,” she said.

Not only were there fun games and activities students could enjoy, but there was also a quiet sleeping room that had pillows and blankets available for students to use. Attendees could go to the Chapel for peace and quiet and enjoy a nap to help de-stress.

Another way students relaxed was by interacting with a therapy dog from The 4 Paws for Ability dog program. This friendly dog, and Professor Putt’s Snickerdoodle, was the most popular event of the night. 

 “We were very happy with the turnout and the positive energy was definitely noticed and made the night enjoyable,” Kaitlyn said. 

Freshman graphic design major Cathy Jenks was glad she had the chance to attend the event.

“I thought it was a good idea for the Chapel to hold this event because it allowed me to enjoy an evening of fun instead of stressing out about homework,” she said.

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