Mystery, clues, and spooky fun filled the English Chapel on Wed., Oct. 28 when the Student Planning Committee put on their Murder Mystery event. The event started at 8 p.m. and began with an introduction of the members of the core cast. Professional impromptu actors were hired for the event and called on members of the student audience to participate as actors in the mystery.

The students who participated were assigned an alias as their character, and each character had a specific skill and background, like a doctor, a wealthy celebrity, a housewife, etc. Each person was called up to the stage by the impromptu actor playing “the General” to introduce themselves and their character.  The General was the ringmaster of the whole event and did most of the talking.

The General’s two assistants accompanied him. One, who was a woman, playing a French maid, and the other was a man playing an aristocrat named, Mr. Butterbuns. These actors showed their talents throughout the mystery and had a unique impression to offer to the event through their characters.

Angelica Polizzi, a junior biology, pre-optometry major, was also an event coordinator for the event. Polizzi planned the mystery night and said its intent was to bring Halloween spirit to the campus and give students a chance to have fun. 

“My favorite TV show is Sherlock, which is why I loved hosting a murder mystery. Gotta love those mind puzzles!” said Polizzi.

After the questions were answered and the suspense had subsided, the murderer was identified. The actors took a bow and the mystery was concluded. 

Student attendees had enjoyed their night and “liked the feeling of having to solve something,” one stated. Overall, Halloween spirits were alive and well in the chapel and set the tone for a spooky Halloween weekend on campus.

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