Guest violinist Annette-Barbara Vogel and accompanist Durval Cesetti perform in the Snyder Recital Hall. (Northern Review photo/Brittany Newton)

On October 18, in the Snyder Recital Hall, the Ohio Northern University’s Department of Music presented guest violinist Annette-Barbara Vogel. The performance was composed of various violin sonatas, including Brahms and other composers. Vogel was accompanied by Durval Cesetti, who has been recognized as a “pianist of rare musicality.” The audience gathered in the Snyder Recital Hall to enjoy the music combination of Vogel and Cesetti.

Florin Simioanca, violin/ viola instructor for Ohio Northern, spoke about the rarity of Vogel’s music performance, with her caliber repertoire.

“We rarely have a chance to see performers in the Snyder Recital Hall and I’m glad the audience had an opportunity to hear her play. She had a lot to show the audience, especially music students of Ohio Northern. They don’t have the chance to see performers like this often,” said Florin in an on-campus interview.

Currently, Vogel is a professor at the University of Western Ontario and was the founder and artistic director of the Magisterra International Chamber Music Festival and Academy. Vogel has an artistic diploma from the University of Cincinnati’s College-Conservatory of Music. This is in addition to the three degrees she holds from the Folkwang-Hochschule Essen in violin and chamber music where she was admitted at 11 as one of the youngest students. Vogel has performed in locations all around the world, including Europe, Canada, the Caribbean, and Asia. Cesetti is a Brazilian-Canadian pianist who is a professor of solo and collaborative piano at the “Universidade Federal do Rio Grande do Norte” (Natal, Brazil), where he is also currently acting as chair of undergraduate degrees. Cesetti has performed as a solo pianist in locations including Brazil, Canada, and Ireland.

Vogel was invited to perform at Ohio Northern by Florin. Florin has a connection with Vogel through a friendship formed after he accompanied her multiple times in other performances. After inviting her to perform, Vogel happily accepted to come to Ohio Northern. Through the work of Rebecca Casey, chair of the Music Department, and Florin, the performance was scheduled and students, faculty, and staff were invited to attend.

Florin spoke about the caliber and uniqueness of Vogel’s performing techniques.

“She plays wonderfully. She is a great violinist and she plays at an international caliber. She has great tone and her presence on the stage was amazing. She has much experience, character and value,” said Florin.

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