Everyone has that special talent they only do in front of close family members that really makes them chuckle. Whether it’s playing the rims of full water glasses, beat boxing or showing off your fresh new dance moves, there are so many talents that we hide from people every day! On March 25 from 7-9 p.m. in the Bear Cave the Panhellenic Council held the first ever “No Talent” Talent Show. All were welcome to attend and show off those talents that had been put on the back burner while all the “real” talent was shown off.
To enter the event, participants were charged $3 at the door. The talent show featured single and group acts composed of students from Ohio Northern University. Inititally, there was no telling what to expect from these groups, so everyone was prepared to be surprised and intrigued by all of the hidden talents.

Jamie Bonino, vice president of community service for the Panhellenic Council said that the students of Ohio Northern have never experienced a show quite like this one, which is why the members of the Council were so looking forward to introducing this new tradition.

“This event [was] a great way to get all Greek women and anyone
that just loves to joke around involved for a fun evening,” Jamie said.
All of the proceeds earned during this event went to the Panhellenic Council’s philanthropy, the Up Side of Downs, which is an organization that provides support, education, advocacy and serves as an accessible resource to families who are affected by Down syndrome. Whether the families have a child with Down syndrome or have been affected in some other way, this organization takes great strides to ensure there are less moments of feeling down in these situations.

Heather Shaffer, president of the Panhellenic Council said, “The Upside of Downs is our council’s adopted philanthropy and is an organization that is dedicated to the support, education, and advocacy for patients and families affected by Downs Syndrome.”

With all the excitement of discovering these new talents, this event was worth the attendance of many students. Heather and the rest of the council were encouraged by the students who took a moment away from the books to share a laugh with the audience about the unforgettable acts. Students were able to discover talents that even friends and acquaintances had been hiding all along!

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