One of the halls of the freshman dorms where the vandalism occurred. (photo by Northern Review/ Nick Pesetsky)

All three buildings of the Founder’s Complex were vandalized on the night of Friday, March 13.

The damage to the Founder’s Complex extends to all sections of the complex. Exit signs and motion sensors from the three halls were found destroyed or missing entirely. Around twenty shower curtains in all three halls from men’s restrooms were cut and torn. A boom box along with several exit signs and motion sensors were smashed outside on the grass. Furniture in Park Hall, including couches, chairs and ottomans, were slashed. One of the ottomans was soaked in liquid and another carved with Greek letters.

The Physical Plant found the dorms vandalized on Saturday and notified security. Security then called the Ada Police Department. Later that morning, police took several individuals into custody.

In the aftermath of the vandalism, Physical Plant employees put in extra resources to rectify the mess made. As said by Chad Shepherd, “Ray Chaney went above and beyond,” regarding the effort expended to repair the dorms.

As Director of Student Conduct, Chad Shepherd is directly involved in the aftermath of the vandalism. Chad commented, “Any individual involved will go through the conduct process,” on how the school will respond to these acts.

ONU Security Chief George Sleeseman spoke on the vandalism saying, “This is the worst case I’ve seen of it in twenty years.” Ada PD is conducting an investigation and developing a case against those responsible.

The estimated cost of the damage is $15,000. The severity of the total damage warrants felony charges against the perpetrators responsible for the vandalism.

Information leading to the discovery of the responsible students came quickly. Chad Shepherd defends the community billing policy by saying, “Community billing is needed.” The policy means that if no individuals are held accountable for damage such as the recent vandalism, the students in the residence halls would all be billed.

This policy forces students to be directly involved with holding the people who damage the dorms accountable.

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