The week before Thanksgiving break started with a break-in and theft involving a local business, East of Chicago Restaurant.

On Saturday, Nov. 15, a money bag was believed to be misplaced by a delivery driver. The next day, Nov. 16, the bag was reported stolen to Ada police. The original indication by the police was that the theft of the bag occurred on campus. In fact, as corrected by ONU Security Chief Sleesman, “It did not happen on campus. The bag was stolen out of [the employee’s] car beside East of Chicago.”

Early on the morning of Monday, Nov. 17, shortly after midnight, a female student was approached on campus by an unidentified female. The stranger demanded the victim’s wallet. This subject told the victim she had a knife, but it was not visible. When the victim told the stranger that she had no money in the wallet, the stranger fled the scene. This event was then reported to campus security.

Approximately two hours after that encounter, around 2:00 am, East of Chicago Restaurant was broken into. East of Chicago is located directly across from campus on S. Main Street. The glass on the rear door was broken and an unidentified subject entered the building. East of Chicago’s owner explained his perspective of the event: “One person entered through the backdoor and two people left; somebody was watching through the back while one person stole the money and they both fled out the back door.”

No details on what was stolen have been released. Any information should be reported to the Ada Police Department at 419-634-0100. Ada Police are investigating the incidents which happened right across the street, just a couple feet off of the ONU campus.

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