A young girl dressed as a skeleton pirate approaches a house for candy. (photo/Samantha Ventrella)

Seriously, though, how old is too old to go trick-or-treating?

As I handed out candy on Ada’s trick-or-treat night, I found that there were a lot more older kids than younger kids. These older kids, who had obviously been told that they are way too old by their parents, made sure to wear masks over their faces to try and scam the houses into thinking they were an appropriate age.

I laughed, though, thinking that these children did not think at all about trying to hide the pitch of their voices or their heights. And I felt a kinship with them, considering I pulled this same stunt when I was younger.

“Once a person starts to feel weird about going house-to- house begging strangers for candy, then I believe it’s time they stopped.”

I think the last year I went trick-or-treating was when I was 13. I wore a skirt and a polo trying to pull off the “tennis player” look, dressing up to fit in with everyone else. I don’t remember getting weird looks from the houses I visited, but, then again, I didn’t care.

Most adults say that trick-or-treating should be stopped once the children hit middle school, stating that they are too old to dress up and act like the children they are. However, in an age where kids seem to want to grow up way too fast, shouldn’t we want kids to be children while they still can?

I think kids should trick-or-treat until they decide that they don’t want to go trick-or-treating anymore. Once a person starts to feel weird about going house-to-house begging strangers for candy, then I believe it’s time they stopped. It’s more of a personal decision rather than something that society should dictate.

Plus, who actually wants to stop dressing up and getting free candy? It’s a bummer to get older. Why should there be a limit on age when it comes to something so fun and thrilling?

The amount of adults I saw in costumes confirmed my thought on the relation between Halloween and age: you’re never too old to tap into your inner child.

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